• 10/15/2020 10:59 am
  • Russia

I am happy to represent the ZAHA LIGHT collection with bionic laser-cut avant-garde form and futuristic mandala design inspired by Zaha Hadid architecture. Know-how of this design is frameless soft plafonds.

This chandelier will perfectly decorate private spaces such as Child rooms, playrooms, teen rooms, contemporary design interiors, loft spaces, hallways, corridors, staircases, etc. Also this light ideally suitable for public spaces such as restaurants, clubs, cafes, food courts, showrooms, art-spaces, co-workings, office receptions, meeting rooms, hotels lobby, boutiques, etc.


1) Item dimensions: L=330; W=330; H=330 mm.

2) Box dimensions: L=450; W=150; H=100 mm.

3) Colour: White (16 colors are available. You could choose it on the last palette picture)

4) Material: Synthetic felt (It’s harmless to health)

5) Method of production: Lasercut

6) Use ONLY with LED lamps or CFL.

7) Assembly is required.

8) Plafond, ceiling hook, instruction, mount, and a pendant cord is included. The light bulb is NOT included. Designed and made in Saint-Petersburg. Production time is 2 weeks.

Worldwide delivery!

Have a nice shopping!


  • Category : Home & garden
  • Condition : New


  • Cord length - 1.8 m!
  • Wide 16 color palette!
  • Send me your interior photo & I'll choose the ideal color combination for your space!


Russia. St. Petersburg. Ordinarnaya d.12,197136,Russia

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