• 11/18/2020 1:42 am
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You may be interested to know that no race of humans has survived the ‘demodectic infection.’ The infection may be more or less in various races, but all human groups have this Blessing!
_ Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis are two species of Demodex that have chosen humans as their hosts.
_ The folliculorum type is much more common than the D.brevis, but usually, people with D.folliculorum also host D.Brevis.
_ Newborns are Demodex-free but catch the mites through close physical contact with their parents. Of course, before the age of five, Demodex’s growth conditions are not provided due to low skin oil.
_ But as people get older, the number of Demodex increases. To the extent that almost 100% of people over the age of 96 are Demodex hosts.
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