• 11/30/2020 4:00 am
  • India

Vegetables, Fruits and Non-Veg Disinfectant


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  • • Green wash can be used for Vegetables, Fruits and Non-Veg. No need to buy different wash for Non-Veg.
  • • Green wash is FSSAI Approved wash. Tested in NABL approved Lab. So it is safe for your health and tough on Harmful diseases causing germs, viruses, bacteria’s, fungus and insects.
  • • It Kills not only washes 99% of viruses, bacteria’s, fungus and insects present in raw Vegetables, Fruits and Non-Veg items – as per Lab report.
  • • It removes pesticides, chemicals, dust & dirt, wax and artificial colour from raw Vegetables, Fruits and Non-Veg items.
  • • Green Wash has No after-taste, soap, alcohol, bleach, parabens, sulphate, chlorine and perfume.



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