• 11/28/2020 12:04 pm
  • Ukraine

Our felt boots from the very beginning to the final look are 100% handmade. Inside our shoes, wool of a certain type of sheep is laid with special minimum processing and cleaning. As a result, we get wool of excellent quality with the maximum amount of lanolin, without dyes, bleaches. The skin of the foot is in contact with a pure, natural product that brings maximum benefits to human health. The wool in our products is made up of the finest wool with thick fibers. When the skin of the foot is rubbed against the hair, a light electrical charge is generated, which helps stimulate the immune system, blood vessels, and many other benefits. As a result of rubbing the skin of the foot against the hair, a pleasant, dry heat is formed. The price is indicated excluding the cost of galoshes. Installation on the sole is possible


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