How it Works

Create Account

First, you need to create your own account. This will allow you to post ads and better communicate with fellow members. You’ll also have access to some very cool features.

Post Your Ad

Once you have finished creating your account, it is time to sell your goods and/or services.To do that, submit your ads so people can start to notice you.


Now sit back, relax, and wait for the potential buyers to contact you regarding the goods and/or services you are offering.

Contact Seller

Postiads is not only for you to sell your products or services, you can also find many items that interest you in your area. If you find an item that interests you, just contact the seller directly by pressing "Chat".

Seal The Deal

Seal the deal with the seller and be sure to meet in a public area for your safety. Don't forget to review the product before closing the deal.